Smell Proof Containers | Your Guide to Stealthy Weed Storage


Smell Proof Containers

While the crusade against cannabis has waned slightly over the past decade, there are still a lot of societal issue facing those who regularly consume weed, even if it’s for medical purposes.  As such, some are faced with the unfortunate task of going through extra steps to conceal their use.

And even those who aren’t burdened by the task of hiding their medical or recreational use might benefit from a specialized storage container.  Not only can they help hide the smell but they can also keep your herb fresh for months, make travelling easier and consolidate your setup.

In this guide I’ll go over what I think are the major things to look out for with storage containers along with my personal recommendations and suggestions.  First, let’s take a look at the major features.

Best Features for Smell Proof Containers

Buying a smell proof container to hide your bud (or anything else for that matter) isn’t an easy thing to research.  It’s not something that most people are familiar with and that can make it a bit intimidating.  Have no fear though, I got you.  Here are the major features you’ll want to keep an eye out for.


“There’s really no point in making a purchase unless you feel it’ll do exactly what you want it to do – keep your shit from stinking up the place!”This probably sounds a bit dumb.  Of course you’re looking for a quality smell proof storage device.  But it can’t be said enough. If you’re putting your faith in a container that prevents smell for any one of a number of reasons, you want something that works.

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While normally I’d suggest weighing the quality you get with the price, that’s not something I’d encourage here.  You want something that works and you want something that works really well.  There’s really no point in making a purchase unless you feel it’ll do exactly what you want it to do – keep your shit from stinking up the place!


While some of you will be content with a case or jar that sits on your shelf, others will need something that’s a bit easier to carry around.  There are options for that of course, just make sure you know what you’re looking for first.


Another thing to consider is size.  It’s particularly difficult to tell how big some of these containers are from the thumbnail or product photo.  Make sure you know how big of a container you’ll need for storing your stash.  Most will be measured using either millileters (mL) or ounces (oz).


The funny thing (at least for me) is that being high will significantly reduce my ability to handle objects with care.  That compounded with the fact that I’m horribly uncoordinated sober results in what some would call ‘a bit of a mess’ when I’m stoned.

Simply put, if you’re handling things when you’re high you’re almost guaranteed to drop it at some point.  A lot of people encourage the use of mason jars and other glass containers but they’re pretty damned fragile.  I’d rather not have to clean up a bunch of broken glass because my dumbass dropped a glass jar when I was high as a kite.

Just something to keep in mind.

UV Rays

Finally, not only will you want to keep the smell in but you’ll want to keep the UV rays out.  UV rays are known to significantly degrade weed over even a short period of time.  Getting a weed storage container that keeps you safe but also keeps your weed safe is a good idea.  And it’s not that much extra either.

My Top Picks for Smell Proof Containers

Below I’ve got my top picks for smell proof containers.  While many of these are focused on subtlety and being discreet, others are focused more on preservation.  All of them are smell proof though, so take a look through and pick the ones that work best for you.

My #1 Pick: Infinity Jars

My number 1 pick for smell proof containers are Infinity Jars.  These are by far the highest quality jars I’ve found, and there are tons of these things out there.  There aren’t a ton of unique features on this jar compared to others (it is just a jar after all) but everything is just a tiny bit better.  The quality is better, the airtight seal is a bit better, it looks just a bit better. Infinity Jars really amped it up on this one.

First, it’s smell proof.  Not to the point where a K9 won’t be able to smell it (those don’t really exist, at least not at reasonable prices) but it’ll definitely keep your room from getting stunk up by whatever you’ve got inside.  It’s also got some strong UV protection too, so you don’t need to worry about any herbs inside getting messed up from the sun.

Sweet and Discreet

The reason these jars made my #1 spot is because of the way they look.  Not only do they look great (simple, sleek, elegant) but they’re also completely free of any markings.  That’s my big gripe with several of the other jars I looked at – they’ve got a logo that practically looks like a pot leave plastered right on the top.  Sure, it might be smell proof but what about people looking at it?!  Infinity jars are straight up black all the way around.  That makes it easy to have sitting out and looking unassuming.

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Another big bonus is these jars come in just about any size you’d need – 5mL all the way up to 500mL and beyond.  While most of you likely won’t need something with that much space it’s still nice to have options.  Below is a quick rundown of the different sizes.  Generally speaking, 100mL will hold about 7g of loosely packed weed, but size it so you plan on having a bit of extra space.

Infinity Jar Sizes

The only major downside to this jar compared to others is it’s not as focused on long term preservation of your goods.  If you’re looking to stash something away for a few weeks, up to a month or two, this will be great.  Any longer than that and you should consider getting a more sophisticated storage container.

Otherwise, this is a great jar that’s discreet, keeps the smell in, keeps the UV out and allows you to store some herbs in an unassuming way.

My #2 Pick: CVault Weed Storage Container

Complementing pick #1, the CVault is great weed storage container that’s absolutely focused on long-term preservation.  The downside to that is that you don’t get a container that’s quite as discreet.  It’s still smell proof and blocks out the UV rays, but it’s a bright metal color that makes it a bit more obvious.  It’s also got a big freakin’ logo on the top of it.

The cool thing about the CVault is that it works in conjunction with 62% Boveda Humidifier Packs.  What are these things?  They’re tiny packets that include a small bit of gel (8g in this case).  You stick them in an airtight container and they’ll keep the humidity at about 62% for up to 60 days (8 weeks).

That means you can stick your herb in the CVault with one of these packs and it’ll stay fresh and moist for up to two months.  It also ‘revives’ dried up herbs if you leave them in there for a few days which is pretty cool too.

If you run out of the humidifier packs, just buy a few more off of amazon.  They’re good for a while so you won’t find yourself spending on ton of money getting new ones.

Aside from the exceptional storage capabilities, the rest is pretty standard.  The CVault comes in four different sizes, listed below:

  • CVault Small
  • CVault Medium
  • CVault Large
  • CVault Extra Large

I think most users will find themselves happy with either the medium or large sizes, but that depends on how much herb you plan on storing.

As I mentioned earlier, the one major thing I disliked about this is how obvious it looks. It’s a big metal container with a huge logo on top – not exactly discreet.  My suggestion would be to throw it in a small bag or a drawer.  It works perfect in dark locations that are room temperature.

Overall I think this is a great little product.  It’ll keep things from smelling up the place along with keeping its contents fresh and moist.  If you don’t need a smell proof container that’s super subtle and discrete, you’ll love the CVault.

My #3 Pick: Interplanetary Development Bags

If you plan on defending the earth and you need a smell proof container, boy do I have something for you.  All jokes aside, Interplanetary Development is an awesome name, but it’s also an awesome company that makes a great product.  ID actually got my pick for the best weed grinder, but they also produce some great smell proof bags.  While I wouldn’t say they’re the most discrete products on the market, they’re the ones that’ll work best for an herb-on-the-go type of situation.

These tiny little bags come in five different sizes, all of which are similarly priced.  Each package contains 25 baggies, all of which can be used multiple times, so a set should last you quite a while.  They’re also tear resistant and moisture resistant.  And of course, they’re all smell proof.  Again, they’ll keep some nosey neighbors or family members from smelling stuff, but don’t expect these to keep you protected from K9 units.

The one big thing I don’t like about these guys is that they’ve got a huge pot leaf logo on the front.  Come on! If they just removed that these would be super discrete! But alas, marketing.  Either way, unless someone is looking directly at the bag they’ll have no idea what’s in it.  And to be honest, they’re small enough that you can very easily stick them in a small pocket or felt bag.

They also come in a box that’s a bit obvious too.  While the outer box (provided by Amazon) will be your standard color and size, just make sure nobody’s around when you open it for the first time.  Just take them out and shove them in a drawer or something.

The big advantage to these compared to other jars is that they’re super easy to travel with.  Even small jars can be a huge pain in the ass.  Yea, they’ll fit in a backpack or purse, but not super well, even if you’ve got the small ones.

These little guys will fit almost anywhere though.  A back pocket, glove compartment or small pouch will have no trouble holding these.  And they’re really cheap too, so you won’t be spending much money.  And if they don’t work, these things have a 100% money back guarantee, so just sent them away and you’ll get your money back.

All said and done I think these little guys are great.  Sure, they aren’t the most discrete but that means you’ll just have to be a bit smarter.  They do what they promise very well though.

My #4 Pick: Herb Guard UV Airtight Container & Smell Proof Jar

Rounding out the list at #4 is the Herb Guar jar.  I really like this little guy – it’s simple, well made and comes with a few little extras that make it just a bit more valuable than the others.

First, this thing is strong, durable, smell proof and will protect your herb from UV light – just like the infinity jar.  Between the two of them I’m honestly sure I see a ton of difference.  The Infinity Jar comes in more sizes and doesn’t have any logo plastered on it (the Herb Guard does unfortunately) but otherwise they’re really similar in looks and performance.

The 100mL will net you about 7g of storage space, although you might be able to fit a bit more if you cram it in there.  The glass is nice, durable, and scratch resistant.  The lid is made from BPA free plastic.

All other things aside, the Herb Guard comes with some cool little extras.  Along with the jar you get a single resealable, a scoop, a smudge-remover cloth and a set of jar labels.  Some of these are more useful than, but the fact that they included it makes a difference in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a small little jar that comes with some nice extras at a reasonable price, the Herb Guard is a good one to get.  You’ll get a relatively discreet jar that’s small, easy to hide and keeps your smell contained.  What more do you need?

Weed Storage Tips & Tricks

Below are a few pro-tips for doing everything you can to keep that weed smell down.  I won’t guarantee these are all 100% effective, but every little bit helps, right?


The more layers there are between your weed and your nose, the less likely it is that you’ll smell it.  While plastic bags aren’t a great way of keeping your weed smell contained (see below) covering your stash with something like a smell proof bag and then sticking it in your container can be a great way to add an extra layer of security.


Just because you’ve got something in a smell-proof jar doesn’t mean it’s impossible to fine.  Adding a spare sock or two in your jar (and making sure your jar isn’t see-through) is a great way to make sure your stash is not only harder to hear, but safe from bumping and smashing.


While a smell proof container is a great way to keep things a bit discrete, they’re not designed to protect you from the law.  Be smart with where you’re storing things.  Animals have senses that are thousands of times better than humans and many can easily smell something through a smell proof jar.  Just be smart about what you’re doing and where you’re putting things.

Fat Soluability

Okay, this one gets a bit technical, but it’s something everyone should be aware of.  THC, along with many of its aromatic compounds, is a mostly fat-soluble substance.  This means that it’ll easily penetrate anything that’s similar to a ‘fat’ or ‘alcohol’ compound (chemically speaking) like a plastic bag.

What this means is that plastic in general isn’t a great container to be storing weed it.  No matter how many layers you use, there’s still the risk of being able to smell it.  Just keep that in mind as you’re choosing your preferred storage device.


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